I believe that the heart of your business should shine brightly through each element of your brand!


Hi! I’m Amy Tilley

A marketing consultant and brand designer for determined women who are ready to build a thriving online business!

I’m also a child of the King, a wife to GT, a homeschooling/hockey mom, a coffee addict, and lover of red shoes, fresh flowers, and belly laughs!

Are you ready to step into your God-given purpose?

To showcase your unique skills and talents?

To find that sweetest of spots where your passions,
your giftings, and the needs of others align?

But are you also feeling a little (or hey, let’s face it, a LOT) confused about how to put all the pieces into place to create your online brand and market your business?

Are you uncertain of what to post where, when, and how?

Are you feeling like you've lost friends and potential clients because your marketing strategy comes across as being a little too pushy?

C33B7476 (1).jpg

If you’re feeling lost in a sea of confusing biz choices, I’m here to toss you a life raft to shore!

And I completely understand the challenges that come with the desire to be your own boss and create your own income.

It can feel like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders.

From my days selling bracelets in the schoolyard at 10 years old, to creating my first successful business at age 23, my next at 29, another at 36, and now launching my marketing and brand design business, I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit from the time I can remember!

You’re the type of woman who’s so generous and giving that you’re probably concerned about how building your online business will affect your family’s finances and time.

You don’t have much margin for trial and error,
and you’re ready to do things RIGHT the first time!

You know that investing wisely upfront will pay dividends down the road.

C33B7342 copy.jpg

Well, Darling, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m passionate about helping you create a brand that will stand the test of time! I do it by building everything around your purpose, with an eye toward future growth!

To create a beautiful brand, you must understand the WHY behind your business.

My special superpower is cutting straight to the heart of what your company stands for, and then encapsulating that vision into each and every one of your brand elements.

So why choose me as your business strategist
and visual brand stylist?


I’M AUTHENTIC, AND I BRING THE JOY. What you see is what you get with me, and I’m never going to make you feel like you’re less than. I understand that we ALL have our zones of genius.  Mine are biz strategy and visual branding, and I’ll work tirelessly to help you uncover YOURS and weave them into every element of your brand.  And by goodness, we’re going to HAVE FUN DOING IT! Because life’s too short not to enjoy the journey!


I’M HIGHLY SKILLED. I’ve invested heavily in my own business trainings and certifications. I’ve completed the Marketing Impact Academy with Chalene Johnson, the Business Accelerator Workshop with Amanda Tress, private coaching with The Techspert™, Rachel McMichael, and I Heart Money with Emily Williams. In fact, I’m constantly and consistently upgrading my skill-set by continuing to invest in various branding and coaching courses, like I Heart Coaching with Emily Williams, in which I am a current student.


I’M EXPERIENCED - IN LIFE AND IN BUSINESS. I know you’re way too polite to ask my age, but I’m into my 40’s now, which means I’ve got plenty of life experience under my belt. I’ve also created three prior successful businesses before beginning this current venture. I’ve got the perspective you need to know how to play the long game, which is what you’ve got to do to create continued success within your business.  


I’M BALANCED. Yes, I’m a business owner. AND I’m a wife AND a mom AND a follower of Jesus. I understand that while your business is a huge part of your life, you don’t desire to spend every waking minute on it. Instead, you’re looking to build a life that includes plenty of time for exercise, self-care, hobbies, family, and friends IN ADDITION to running a prosperous online business. I’ve created this balanced lifestyle for myself, and I know how to help you get it, too.

Ready to attract more clients and cash with your own beautiful brand?