Heavenly Reset

A Unique Health + JOY Journey


press RESET  on your health,

be more productive

and  Feel more JOYful


A FOUR week online course


 The Heavenly Reset is not your typical health program. It is a completely different type of health journey because we focus on putting Christ at the center and finding JOY in every moment along the way.

If you are like me and you have struggled to get organized, be more productive, feel JOY and positivity, and stay on track with your health and home goals, the HR is the perfect program to help get you on the road to success.

The Heavenly Reset is made up of 5 different components;

  • Journaling
  • DPOing (decluttering, purging and organizing)
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Prayer

I will help you dig deep into His word for a better understanding of the WHY we were created, of WHO God wants you to be, and the WHAT IFs and HOW TOs of your decisions. You will create a positive and more grateful lifestyle. Then we will put it all into ACTion. Having a positive perspective is key... counting your blessings, writing down your daily reflections and staying strong in prayer, you will learn to stay focused on putting The Lord first and ultimately more JOYful. You will have a better understanding that God created us to crave and desire Him; not food, or fame, or money and when we give Him the glory and praise for all we have and put Him first in all we do, ONLY THEN will we see and feel true hope, JOY and success.

RESET your life and join us on a different type of health and JOY journey.  A journey where God is the focus and His word is the road map on how to become a better steward of our time, resources, opportunities and health. This program will surely change your perspective on getting and staying healthy, and create a lifestyle that will help you find JOY in moments of difficulty. A lifestyle that will set you on a path of true success.

I am blessed that you have stopped by and hope you will join us!


Read what past participants of The Heavenly Reset have said about this program! 



Rhonda is an HR veteran.  Read her full testimonial: "With Amy’s help, I have switched to a TOTAL healthy changeover including; an exercise routine I actually love, spiritual guidance needed to complete the healthy journey (body and soul) and so far, I’ve lost 10.2 pounds! I am one size down in my clothing, but, more than that, my energy level has increased, my attitude is upbeat and my outlook has brightened considerably. I’ve worked hard and Amy was with me every step of the way, encouraging, training and challenging me – absolutely couldn’t have done it without her!"


ambra j.

Ambra is a fellow fitness professional.  We first met while expanding our knowledge base and working alongside each other.  A bond was formed and we have been friends and colleagues ever since.  



"It has been over a month now since my {Heavenly Reset} group has ended and I have successfully kept off the weight, my thankful journal is still going strong and her tips have helped me through tempting times. She had me make a game plan and she was right along side of me to help me keep the plan going. Even when my plans did not work, her encouragement of words and ideas made me successful." So grateful to have Pam apart of HR she received phenomenal results!


investment in the Heavenly reset

When you make the investment in the heavenly reset, you can expect to receive much more than just weight loss!  


you will learn

  • Howo RESET your focus, be more organized, healthy and productive by creating a life plan with Christ as the center 

  • How to set attainable goals for success and stay accountable through weekly check-in chats

  • How to give God the glory in difficult situations and use His strength in moments of weakness

  • How to create a daily blessings journal to change your perspective, stay organized & strengthen your walk with Christ

you will receive

  • A 30 day journal complete with a scripture verse

  • A personal tracker to help you set goals and stay on track

  • A daily encouragement message in your inbox each morning to keep you excited and on track

  • Yummy and healthy recipes that you and your family will LOVE 

  • Accountability to stay on track with your fitness routine and learn how to overcome speedbumps 

  • Access to the private Facebook group with daily access to me and encouragement from the other ladies in the program

  • A weekly check-in chat (phone call) to discuss your progress and set goals for the following week

  • Access to LIVE WEBINARS




  • Referral discounts

  • “First opportunity” email to register for an upcoming Heavenly Reset Retreat

  • A chance to win participation PRIZES