Are you ready to hit the "reset" button so you can be

more productive, organized, healthier and closer with

God, your family, and clients?

The Heavenly Reset is PERFECT for you!

You have TWO options to choose from for support:

Premium VIP Level

  • FOUR (weekly) 30 minute support calls with me to help keep you accountable

    and add an additional level of support to stay on track

  • All the components of the standard level

    Standard Level

  • Facebook group program with weekly LIVE trainings

  • Worksheets

  • Encouragement emails


During the FOUR week GROUP program, we will cover;

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~ Week One ~

  • Reseting Your Spiritual Life

    • Prayer and Praise

    • Bible Study Techniques

    • Journaling

    • Serving others

    • ACTion Day

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~ Week Two ~

  • Reset Your Home and Office -

    Organization and Productivity

    • Brain Dump

    • Create your Ideal Schedule

    • My signature 3/3/3 Method

    • Schedule Build Out

    • ACTion Day

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~ Week Three ~

  • Reset Your Health and Wellness

    • Nutrition Plans 101

    • What is a Macro?

    • Exercise 101

    • Meal Planning 

    • ACTion Day

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~ Week Four ~

  • Reset Your Relationships -

    Create Intentional Connections and

    Improve Communication

    • With your Spouse

    • With your Family & Friends

    • With your Church Family

    • With your Business Colleagues & Clients

    • ACTion Day

Yes, I would like to receive weekly one-on-one accountability, support and encouragement sessions to keep me on track.

I don’t need the extra accountability calls. Joining just the group is perfect for me

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Read what are people saying about the Heavenly Reset

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With Amy’s help, I have switched to a TOTAL healthy changeover including; an exercise routine I actually love, spiritual guidance needed to complete the healthy journey (body and soul) and so far, I’ve lost 10.2 pounds! I am one size down in my clothing, but, more than that, my energy level has increased, my attitude is upbeat and my outlook has brightened considerably. I’ve worked hard and Amy was with me every step of the way, encouraging, training and challenging me – absolutely couldn’t have done it without her!
— Rhonda
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It has been over a month now since my {Heavenly Reset} group has ended and I have successfully kept off the weight, my thankful journal is still going strong and her tips have helped me through tempting times. She had me make a game plan and she was right along side of me to help me keep the plan going. Even when my plans did not work, her encouragement of words and ideas made me successful.
— Pam