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My Signature 12 Week

ACTion Plan Was Designed Specifically For You!

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Are you ready to:

  • Strengthen your prayer and devotional time by diving deeper into the Bible and journaling His Word

  • Have a clear understanding of your gifts, talents and purpose so you can feel more JOY living for God and how He created you

  • Discover your strengths, overcome your fears, and finally feel FREEDOM in this season

  • Develop a strong, unshakeable and positive mindset - the kind you get when you put Christ at the center so you can handle WHATEVER biz hurdles come your way

  • Get crystal clear on who you will serve and why? So clear that it feels like you’re writing to a dear friend each time you send out a marketing email

  • Learn how to communicate with others so you can have less conflict and more peace

  • Create intentional connections that make you feel JOY and move your business forward

  • Clearly set short term and long term goals by creating an ACTion Plan™ so you will see quick wins each day while achieving long term success

  • Develop your why, your mission, and your vision so you can clearly know who your ideal client is and who you want to serve 

  • Build a beautiful brand that you’re proud to show off? I won’t judge if you decide text all your friends about your amazing new website:-)

  • Get your business systems in place and automated so that you have more time to spend with your family and friends (or grabbing a quick mani-pedi)

  • Reach financial goals so you can find FREEDOM to live and give more abundantly to others in your life

  • FINALLY feel organized in your business and freedom in your amazing life

  • Convert more prospects into clients and customers WITHOUT having to run yourself ragged or leave you feeling pushy and spammy

You’re in the right place!

My 12 week ACTion Plan™ will give you more

“A-ha moments” than your favorite season of the Oprah Winfrey Show!

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Amy Tilley is a wonderful resource. She is so very encouraging and motivating. I like being accountable to someone. It helped to give me the push I needed to stay on track. I always felt successful, on account of the way she handled situations. Her program has uplifted my spirit. Thank you Amy!
— Emily

Amy provided the perfect balance of creativity and professionalism. It is evident that she is very passionate about what she does and ensuring her clients are 100% satisfied. I was looking for someone who could create a logo that represented me. Honestly, I knew what I wanted but had a hard time explaining it. Amy was very patient and willing to make necessary changes until we found that right logo, signature and watermark. One that represented me and my brand. She was always personable and punctual! I can confidently recommend her to anyone in need of branding and design work.
— Ebony

I know how frustrating it can feel when you’re first getting started in the online world.

I have built 3 successful businesses during different seasons of my life before I began offering my coaching and branding services online. And even though it was fun and I learned a lot, I still struggled to put all the pieces together!  

I remember how frustrated I got with all the trial and error, trying to get this piece of software to work with that payment system. And don’t even get me started on the countless hours I spent obsessing over how I could make my social media strategy both comprehensive and cohesive without LIVING in some app!

What’s worse, somewhere along the way, it all started to feel like a CHORE.

That’s when I knew it was time to enlist help!

I called in the perfect mentors, soaked up all their knowledge and expertise, and brought the JOY back into my online biz journey! And because I was willing to invest in the right coaches and teachers, I was able to hop on the speedway to success and build a business that feels completely aligned to my values and vision.

If you’re struggling to create an online business that feels fun AND makes money, I can help!

Here’s what you’ll receive when you sign up for my 12 week ACTion Plan Business and Branding Mentorship:


Twelve Full Weeks of Marketing Strategy and Brand Coaching. We’ll engage in SIX one-hour powerful strategy sessions via phone or video during the classic three-month mentorship. You’ll be fully supported as you build your beautiful brand and business.


Private Email Support. Between sessions, you’ll have access to ask me any additional questions that arise as you implement the strategies we discuss. You can email up to two questions each week with a guaranteed response from me in 48 hours.


Motivational Monday Message. Start your week on a powerfully positive note with my specially-selected motivational messages, sent straight to your inbox each Monday!


Private Mentorship Group Access. When you enter into the Mentorship, you’ll immediately have access to a community including my other high-level clients. This is where you’ll form business connections (and potentially life-long friendships) that will support you for years to come.


Access to my ACTion Plan Workbook  . You’ll be given access to all my most valuable checklists, templates, guides and worksheets upon entry into the Mentorship program.

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A FREE DiSC assessment. The DiSC assessment will help you understand your behavior style, your strengths, your fears, and your communication style so you can create stronger and more fulfilling relationships with others in your life.

Plus, Receive These Brilliant Bonuses!

⭐️ACTion Plan Welcome Package

⭐️Subscription and membership to Connections at the Cross

⭐️One FREE month membership to

As a VIP you will also receive these AMAZING bonuses...

⭐️ Insightful Brand Audit ($497 Value):

  1. Two 30-Minute consultation calls via video or phone to be used for branding feedback
  2. My eyes on your current brand strategy (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest)
  3. Personalized insights and suggestions based on my review of your current branding

⭐️ Action Plan XL Welcome Package

⭐️ Mood Board Creation - We will create a plan and visual with all your fonts, colors and        vision to get the look and feel of your brand started off right

⭐️ TWO FREE months membership to



Investment: $1497 Paid In Full (standard Plan)

$2497 Paid in Full (VIP Plan)

(Installments available upon request)


Within the Mentorship, you have free rein to use our strategy sessions to explore the topics that are most pertinent to your business. There is no set curriculum within the Mentorship, as I am here to ensure that each of my clients gets exactly what is needed to move her own unique business forward in a powerful way! There are multiple areas in which I have expertise and am equipped to serve my clients.

These areas include:


TIME MANAGEMENT: Learn to make the most of each minute with the productivity strategies and time-saving tips.  We’ll also address how and where you can outsource tasks that fall outside your zone of genius.


ORGANIZATION: Together, we’ll make sure that the areas of your business that MOST need your focus and attention are prioritized. Nothing’s going to slip through the cracks with my eyes on your business!


JOURNALING: I’ve used journaling in my own business to develop clarity around my ideal clients, my offerings, and my big vision. I’ve studied specific journaling exercises that can help unlock the answers you’ve been craving as you seek to bring in more cash and clients.  When you get clear, the money and the referrals flow freely, and that’s what we want for YOU!


MINDSET: This is key! I’ll give you tools and practices to build a success mindset that’s unshakeable.


WELLNESS: Your health is a major factor in your business success. We’ll map out a plan to keep you at the top of your game so that you can most effectively serve your clients.


CONTENT CREATION: We’ll systematize the way you communicate your value to your potential clients. I’ll teach you how to repurpose your content for maximum impact and reach.


PHOTO CREATION: As much as we all wish it weren’t true sometimes, image matters. We’ll make sure your brand’s image is impeccable!


FAITH-CENTERED FOCUS: As someone who believes in God and loves Jesus, I’m available to discuss how you can keep your faith strong despite any business challenges. We can also discuss the Biblical principles behind the creation of wealth and the way your business serves others.


BRANDING DESIGN: What sets me apart from many coaches is my ability to help you develop visual styling elements that are crucial to your success, including logos, signatures, fonts, and colors.


MARKETING STRATEGY: We’ll get down to brass tacks as we discuss how to create an ACTion Marketing plan that will have your ideal clients clamoring to hit the buy button, and even how to create streams of passive income (so you can rest and relax while the money continues to flow into your account)!

*** Please note that certain a la carte services may also be added to your Mentorship to enrich your experience. Inquire about additional services during your discovery call.***

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