Are you ready and motivated to take

Intentional ACTion?


VIP Intensive Business Coaching Session

Imagine gaining CLARITY around your strengths, gifts and talents, defining GOALS that will move you toward exactly what God has called you to do, and developing an Intentional ACTion plan so you can finally make money doing work that you love . . . all in ONE powerful coaching session!

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Hello, my ambitious friend!

Are you feeling stuck, unsure or unclear how to live out your calling or make money doing work that you love? Are you motivated and ready to take Intentional ACTion? Are you serious about implementing strategies that will get you where you want to be without hesitation?

Then this VIP Intensive will help you jumpstart your success.


I’m Amy C. Tilley, and I want you to know that you’re not alone.

I’ve built multiple successful businesses, both on and off-line, yet I’ve still felt that uncertainty and unrest in my soul when it was time for the next {BIG BOLD} step!

~ Could I do it?

~ Would God equip me?

~ Would I meet and surpass my goals?

~ Would other people judge me?

Maybe one or more of those questions is running through your mind RIGHT NOW!

And that’s why it’s so critical to find a MENTOR who can walk with you on your business building journey.

What I know for sure is that if there’s a dream in your heart, it’s meant for you to pursue.

God does not give you desires, talents and gifts to leave them unfulfilled.

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I now wake up EXCITED about the work I'm doing . . . But that wasn’t always the case. Not too long ago, I was feeling a bit down, defeated and discouraged. I knew in my heart that God had would equip me, but I was nervous. How would I know what ACTion steps I needed to do to make it happen? What if I failed . . . Who would listen . . . Could I be successful during this season of my life?

Maybe you can relate . . . I knew I had the skills, the drive and the desire to make it happen. And I desperately wanted to contribute (more than I already was) financially to my family, my church and charities close to my heart. So, after much prayer, I stepped out in faith and hired a coach that I knew would take me and my business to a higher level. Sure, the investment was huge for me – but I felt confident that the Lord was saying YES! With each passing week as I worked with my coach, I began to see the possibilities unfold.


I gained CLARITY on my purpose, I strengthened my FAITH and trust in God, and I practiced GRATITUDE so I could see and be truly thankful for each and everyone of His blessings. I surrounded myself with ambitious, kingdom focused women and let go of negative influences so that I could stay positive (even in the challenging moments!) and see Him open doors for me that I never thought possible.


My coach and I confronted my limiting beliefs. We made a concrete plan of ACTion that got me closer to my vision and how I wanted my life to look.

With her support and accountability, and with my commitment and hard work, everything began to fall into place. My business grew, my platform broadened, my relationships deepened, and my health improved.


I offer this VIP INTENSIVE Coaching Session for YOU: The woman who is ready to take intentional ACTion Now and see quick results.

If this is you, I’d love to serve you.

~ We start with prayer . . . because we need God to accomplish His purpose through us.

~ We will discuss what type of business you would like to start or grow; a service based business, a support based business or a product based business.

~ We’ll talk about your desires, your strengths, your skills and your ideas. You'll be given prep work to do before we meet {in person or via video-conference}, and then we'll take a deep dive into the nooks and crannies of your business ideas, or your current business.

~ We're going to look at WHO you would like to serve (aka . . . who is your ideal client) and make sure that each and every offering you present makes you feel JOYFUL and EXCITED! Because if you're not having fun doing this work, something is off!

~ We'll examine your schedule to make sure you're including adequate time for your family, your self-care, and your spiritual growth. You're going to LOVE working in your business from this day forward.

~ If you already have a business, we'll look at your messaging and marketing funnel to be sure that you're connecting with and clearly communicating the high value of your offerings to the exact right people.

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Here's how the process works!

1. You will receive a VIP Intensive Welcome Packet so that I can understand your specific business ideas, desires, challenges, goals, mission and vision . . . ensuring that we make the most of our time together.

2. You’ll receive a link to schedule your 90 minute VIP Intensive Coaching Session so you can find a day and time that works best with your busy schedule.

3. We'll engage in a powerful 90 minute VIP Intensive Coaching Session, during which we can create an Intentional ACTion Plan so you'll gain clarity around:

  • Your FUN idea: Maybe you don’t have a business yet but you’re ready to take that idea (or ideas!) and make sure it fits so you can run with it.

  • Your big WHY: your ultimate vision and mission that will drive your business forward

  • Your crucial WHO: know exactly who it is that you want to serve and how to connect with them

  • Your important HOW: establish your new programs and make sure your marketing funnel is clear and compelling

  • Your critical WHEN: map out a plan to reach your business goals {number of clients served, type of work you're doing, income goals, the whole enchalada!}

4. You are welcome to record any or all of your session so that you can stay fully engaged during the Intensive and still have access to the strategy we create after our session is over.

5. You'll have private email access to me for ONE WEEK following your Intensive, to have personalized feedback on anything that comes up for you as you implement the strategies I give you.



Are you ready?

Are you ready to develop a Intentional ACTion plan so you can live your calling, do the work you LOVE and serve others well?